“Ultramarine Enchantment” Original Acrylic & Oil Painting


Painting 60x80cm (24″x32″)
Framed Painting 64x84cm (25″x33″)
One of a kind Original Artwork.
Acrylic & Oil on canvas.
Signed on the front, and signed & dated on the back.
Protected with a varnish to safeguard your original artwork.
Comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Ships within 2-4 days.
Worldwide with DHL Express.

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“Ultramarine Enchantment” Original Acrylic & Oil Painting

Within this captivating painting, a woman stands in serene harmony beside a majestic white tiger, their bond illuminated by the enchanting hue of ultramarine blue. Inspired by the delicate artistry of Chinese porcelain, every intricate detail exudes elegance and grace.
Yet, amidst the ethereal blue, a subtle touch of lavender delicately enhances the scene, infusing it with a soft, otherworldly glow. It’s a hue that whispers of tranquility and mystery, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the captivating narrative.
Adding to the allure, the backdrop of embossed gold provides a striking contrast to the serene blue details. Together, these elements intertwine to create a masterpiece that not only captivates the eye but also stirs the soul, inviting viewers to lose themselves in a world where beauty and grace reign supreme.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 65 × 85 × 5 cm


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